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    Percentage of Expression

    Andrea Masciulli

      Good morning, I need to calculate in an expression of a table lienare the relationship between the value of a cell and the total of that field.

      I'll explain.

      I have a table so composed

      TYPE; Value
      TO ; 50
      B; 20
      C; 30
      D; 50

      via set analisys I just have to consider the type of data A B and C whose sum is 100

      50 + 20 + 30

      what I would like is to have a column with the% of single value for total

      in case

      TO ; 50; 50%
      B; 20; 20%
      C; 30; 30%

      how to calculate the%

      attached sample files based excel data and QVD

      grazie 1000