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    Pivot table, offset, days stock coverage

      HI there,

      does anybody know how to solve the problem below?

      Desired Result 1: is the consumption of actual stock of code A. At a given time 24/11 you start with a stock of 1000 and I would like to know how the stock will evolve by fulfilling orders.

      Desired Result 2: I would like to know how many days of coverage I have before getting out of stock.



      3CODE ASTOCK1.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.000
      4CODE AORDERS200250200250200200200
      5CODE ASTOCK-ORDERS800600690810810630600
      6CODE ADESIRED RESULT 1800550350100-100-300-500
      7EXCEL FORMULA=D3-D4=D6-E4=E6-F4=F6-G4=G6-H4=H6-I4ETC... ETC….
      DESIRED RESULT 24321


      Thank in advance for any ideas or help.