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    Dynamic label in QS Pivot Table - a hidden feature ?

    Pablo Labbe

      ´Hi everyone,


        It's known that Qlik Sense doesn´t allow us to create a dynamic label for dimensions or metrics in objects.


        But during my daily development, I found an unexpected behavior building an expression with dollar expansion like this




        I was building a pivot table and instead of copy and paste the above expression inside the expression box, I paste it in the label box by accident.


        To my surprise, it showed the result of the expression, not the text of the expression.


        After some testing, I found this behavior only works with labels of measures in the pivot table object. Just that place.


        The expression inside $() also works even if you pivot the measure to rows.


        Tested with QS version  2 and version 3.


        Perhaps our friends from Qlik, Josh Good and Michael Tarallo mto can explain if we can make use of this hidden feature as a workaround for a dynamic label use case or it can stop working in a future release.


      Best Regards,


      Pablo Labbe