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    Understanding Configurable LDAP

    Sanchayan Bhowmik

      I read the part of Configurable LDAP from server reference manual as well as from Qlik help but the settings of Configurable LDAP are not clear to me. How does Confiurable LDAP help in authentication of the users and also it would be helpful if the setting configuration is explained to me in a easier manner.


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          An LDAP server contains information about users. When a user wants to access a Qlikview document via Qlikview Server then Qlikview Server will need to ask somewhere if the user is who that user says he is. That is called authentication. The user will present an encrypted password and Qlikview Server will ask the user directory, for example your LDAP server, if that user is known to that LDAP server and if the encrypted password matches with the information the LDAP server has about that user. When all is right the LDAP server informs the Qlikview Server that the user is who he says he is, i.e. an authentic user.


          The settings are what's necessary to let the Qlikview Server communicate with the LDAP server. Can you tell us which settings you don't understand?


          Perhaps you should read a bit about LDAP itself first: https://www.ldap.com/getting-started-with-ldap