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    How to show dimension with 'random' description?

    Bart Heijne

      Hi All,


      I have a simple question, but I can't figure it out.


      I have the following data

      Code, Description, Amount

      10,   Description10,           100

      10,   Desription10,             200

      20,   Description 20,          300

      20,   DESCRIPTION 20,  400


      Now I have a simple table with dimension 'Code' and expression SUM(Amount)

      So far so good


      Now I don't want to only display the Code, but also one of the descriptions. As you can see there are typos in the source data (desription instead of description). So when My dimension is Code and the second dimension is Description, than I have 4 rows instead of 2.

      I want to group on Code and display one of the descriptions behind the code within that dimension.


      I tried as dimension AGGR(Description,Code) but that doesn't work.

      Thanks for helping.