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    If statement to only show results where the total count exceeds 10

    David Robinson

      I'm new to Qlik Sense and am struggling with an if statement.


      In a pivot table I need to see all of the users who have submitted 10 or more quotations, if a user has submitted less than 10 quotations I do not want them to reflect on the pivot table.


      Below if the expression I have managed to get to, although it does show the data is also still shows all total submissions under 10 and so does not work fully.


      IF(sum({$<Quote_Submitted_Count ={1}, [Created xad] ={"1"}>} TransactionID)>10,Count({$<Quote_Submitted_Count ={1}, [Created xad] ={"1"}>} TransactionID),0)


      Finally I need a measure as an expression for a simple KPI that shows the total number of users who has submitted 10 or more quotations.


      Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.