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    How to size Nprinting server?

      How to size Nprinting server?  We have one big qvw file with size about 400 Gb. I know  that pretty big one report. So Nprinting should be able to  send out typical report in every one or two days.


      Minimum sys, requirements is only 8 Gb, we would to use virtualized edition. So it turns to 16 GB RAM. But how and what should  I choose for the production server? Is 128 Gb or 256 Gb ram going to be enough? Is Nprinting server load the whole file in-memory as is the way to work with it on disk iteratively?


      Thanks in advance

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          Aran Nathanson

          NPrinting will open a QV.exe process for every available core on where the NPrinting engine is installed.


          If you are connecting to QVWs, then RAM requirements will be mostly driven by two things:


          1. How many cores are available to the NPrinting Engine - for each core you need to add additional RAM
          2. How are you connecting to QVWs. If you connect through a "local" connection, then the QVWs will open on the local machine where the NPrinting Engine(s) are installed. The RAM requirements per core are the same as if you were opening up the QVW on the local machine with QV Desktop.

            If you user a "Server" or "Cluster" connection, then the RAM requirements are the same as if you were opening up the QVW using "open in server" from QlikView Desktop. Again this is per core.