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    Guidance on Scalability Tool Test Scenario settings

    Micah Sakata

      I'm running a scalability tool test in a brand new Qlik Sense environment.  We don't have any applications built yet, so I'm using a demo Sense dashboard from Qlik's site called "Consumer Sales".


      I understand that performance is affected by the data volume, application complexity, usage, and server hardware configuration.  However, in using the scalability tool, the scenarios really only deal with usage.  I've read through the documentation and understand the fields in the "test settings" portion of the scenario.  I've run small tests to make sure I have the process running.  I'm ready to do a real test now.


      Does anyone have a good starting point for test settings to run a proper test?  What I mean by this is I would like actual values for each field in the "test settings" section that may yield good results.  I think the point of this is to see where the thresholds are for your server so if I'm running 64G of RAM with 1 or 2 CPUs depending on the server what are the primary values that will push my server's activity?


      Also, how many test steps would be ideal?  What kind of steps?  How are you using the TimerDelay step and what kind of parameter settings?


      I understand there are other factors that may influence how you test.  Ignoring that, I'm just looking for recommendations on where to start.