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    Qlik Sense Set Analysis

    Carolin Borchert



      I´m currently doing my fist test in Qlik Sense after I used Qlik View for several years as designer and developer. Now I would like to use a set analysis expression:


      sum({$<OrderPhase_Desc = 'Bookings', FYear = {'2016'} >}NettAmount$(vCurrency))


      The issue is that it bring just the same value as this expression:


      sum({$<OrderPhase_Desc = 'Bookings', FYear = {'2017'} >}NettAmount$(vCurrency))


      Qlik Sense doesn´t show that the expression is not correct. The indicated value is 4 Million no matter if I use the one or the other expression and that value is neither correct for Year 2016 nor for 2017. It also doesn´t change if I delete the FYear from the set analysis expression. What do I do wrong? I also tried it in different objects.


      Many thanks in advance!