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    Ideas for "before and after" analysis

      Here's what I need to accomplish.

      I have a year's worth of sales data. The customers of these sales may belong to some different organizations. At a fixed point in time, a decision was made to offer a rebate to customers of certain organizations. I have an assocation from orders to customers to organizations in the application, and I know the date this rebate program went into effect (but it's not in my database).

      What I need to be able to do is show a before and after for customers in these organizations. For instance, they will want to know what the average sales per month to organization ABC customers were prior to the rebate, and what the new average is after the rebate. I'm a little unsure as to where to start and with what objects to best show this.

      I also have a simple bar chart of total sales over a time dimension right now. Is there any way to draw a line down the middle or something to represent this rebate begin date, so that sales trends could be visually observed, i.e. you select organization ABC and now you'll be able to see the steady increase of sales per month is correlating to the time period after the rebate?

      Thanks in advance for any guidance!

        • Ideas for "before and after" analysis
          Peter Rieper

          My preference for such kind of charts would be a bar-chart over a continuous x-axis. Sales before or after the rebate-action might also be colour-codes (open the small "+" below the expression and enter a condition under background), alternatively you may draw a vertical line (under Presentation - Reference Lines).