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    Set analysis applied to a formula

    Bradley Wilson

      I'm trying to set up separate KPIs showing the conversion rate for each separate salesperson.


      I used this to get an group conversion rate, count([Converted.Id])/Count([Opp.Id]), which works.  But I would like to apply a set analysis filter to that so that it can reflect an individual's conversion rate in a KPI for personalized dashboards and such.


      I've tried every iteration i can think of but it either returns a null value or says "error in expression".


      SUM({$<[SlpName]={"Jane"}>}, count([Converted.Id])/Count([Opp.Id]))


      Is the current iteration and i know sum is probably not the correct one to use here, but i'm at the point of trying anything and everything even if it doesn't make total sense.  I feel like it should be possible to use set analysis on a formula, but i can't figure out how, and none of the tutorials i can find have gone over it.