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    Publisher DSC Local directory invalid credentials

      Hey everyone,


      I'm having an illogical problem in Publisher on QlikView Server 12.0.20400.0

      I am trying to add local credentials at System - Setup - Management service - Directory Service Connectors - DSC@x.x.x.x - Local Directory.

      I add a local directory in the form of

      Path: local://




      I click on Apply, and I am able to select users and assign them to documents without a problem.

      Then I add a second server, click Apply and publisher marks the two servers with a * saying Invalid Credentials, after which none of the two are able to produce users to assign to documents.

      The usernames and passwords are 100% correct.

      I also have a Configurable ODBC connection which always works.

      I tried deleting all entries, and restarting the DSC Service after which the entries *sometimes* magically appear again.

      The ODBC keeps working, the local marks an Invalid Credentials error.

      After deleting entries and restarting the service that a few times, the entries are gone, I can add the Local Directory server again, and it works perfect, right up until I add a second connection and the Invalid Credentials appear again.


      I need the two to work, but can only get the ODBC to work all the time...

      Any ideas?