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      I'm new to QV and trying to explore it as per my requirement.

      Earlier used BO as reporting tool so would like to know if alert is same as bo.

      have used wizard to set an simple alert but doesn't seems to be working, please guide me if i did some mistake in setting this up-

      I have one revenue field and i want to set my alert on that--

      Condition - Sum ([rev])<10

      Events - On Open, On Post Reload

      Delays - 0.0 days

      Trigger - Always

      show pop up - yes

      --------so here i would like to know based on above conditions how this gonna work i have added mail recipients also, let me know what further configuaions needed to trigger emails also.


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          Please go to the User Preference --->Mail-----> Configure your mail server setting.

          Server Address and port.

          I think this will help you.



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            Your Events are on open and on post reload only so the alert shall only come up during these events, on open i dont think this will work as nothing is selected when the document is opened therefore your condition wont be met. The same is for the On post reload as every selection sometime clears after the reload.

            I suggest you do a macro for pop up message so that it can pop up whenever a selection results into a less than 10 revenue.


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              Sunil Chauhan

              configure your servere for mail sending

              setting(tools)--->alert(you can add multiple alert)

              better option for is put conditions in script only (rev>0)

              and write 1=1 in condition field.

              Content in Message field ( its working tike text field in qlikview it allow you to write condition)

              aways try to write a batch for email sending (check option Batch) .

              dont go for interactive becoz it will send one mail more than one time


              gud luck