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    Changing __GEO_TABLES connection workaround

    Neil Hepburn

      Does anyone know how to change the __GEO_TABLES connection, that is generated automatically by Qlik's Data Prep service?

      For now, I have found the following workaround:


      1. The Geo files can be located here: C:\Users\[user GUID]\AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\DataPrepService\src\geo
        1. Move these files into a shared network folder
      2. Create a new connection (e.g. "__GEO_TABLES2"), and explicitly point it to this above shared folder
      3. Other users can now obtain a copy of this folder (or generate their own version of geo QVDs), and then point to this folder


      It is unfortunate this is not more transparent.

        • Re: Changing __GEO_TABLES connection workaround
          Karthik Muthukumar

          I was facing the same issue, and there is a workaround to this. Follow these steps once you migrate your app to the server


          • First, go to data load editor and make your entire code a comment. We need to do this because you will not be able to access data manager as it will throw an error since it cannot locate the files needed.
          • Next, create a dummy excel file on your local desktop. It can have 2 columns: 1 with country and 1 more with some dummy data. An example below:





          • Now, go to data manager and load the above dummy file into QlikSense
          • You'll see that there is a new page containing auto generated code in the data load editor. You'll also see that QS would have automatically created the Geo Table connections (In my case, it points to a folder called "AttachedFiles"
          • Simply copy and replace the 2 library connections in your main code and un-comment them. Don't forget to either comment/delete the other page which contains our temporary code


          Try loading the data now and it should work.