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    Calculated Condition

    Chris Hopkins

      hi, i am trying to write a calculated condition. I want the user to select a few specific fields before displaying the results.
      What i want is....
      The user to select 1 of 4 fields AND another 1 of 2 fields.....

      my fields are: [Retail Group], [BDA Name], [Area Manager Name], Customer, Cal_Week, StoreDate

      The user is to select either:
      [Retail Group], [BDA Name], [Area Manager Name], Customer

      AND either
      Cal_Week, StoreDate

      I have tried using the following,

      GetSelectedCount ([Retail Group]) > 0 or GetSelectedCount ([BDA Name]) > 0 or GetSelectedCount ([Area Manager Name]) > 0 or GetSelectedCount (Customer) > 0 and GetSelectedCount (Cal_Week) > 0

      This works fine if i only have 1 field at the end, (Cal_Week or StoreDate)
      Can someone help please?


      AND either

      Cal_Week, StoreDate