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    Qliksense sheets search/categories/other grouping methods

    Nathan S

      Hi There,


      I was wondering if anyone had encountered the need to group sheets in Qliksense.  By default, Qlik sense server has the split of "Base Sheets" and "My Sheets" and one of our users asked if it was possible to have further splits based on other categories.  So you'd have say a "Sales analysis" category with some sheets and a "Sales Detail" category with other sheets (the users would probably want to split these per department).


      As far as I can tell, introducing additional categories in this way is not possible, but I was wondering if there are any other ways I might suggest for grouping the apps, or allowing the sheets to be filtered/searched in some way?  I don't necessarily want to prevent users from seeing certain sheets, just to have them be easy to navigate once there are a relatively large number of sheets in the app.


      Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.