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    Export multiple QlikView objects into Excel from Ajax Client

    Vahidenur Culha-Flechl


      we are looking for a possibility, where end users can export multiple QlikView-Objects into excel in a nicely formatted way. This should be possible from Qlikview 12, Ajax Client and on demand. Of course data reduction based on section access should be effective while exporting and selections & selection status should be transfered into Excel as well. We have had this working via macros & IE-Plugin. However, since IE-Plugin will die out soon and macro functions regarding excel export do not work, we are forced to find alternatives for the Ajax Client.


      We've already looked into NPrinting. However, it does not cover our requirements / does not work properly. Can anybody recommend a solution (could be add on Tools or extensions)?


      Thanks alot!

      Vahidenur Culha Flechl