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    Where to get QS 3.1 SR2?

    vyacheslav guzanov



      can somebody help me with getting QS 3.1 SR2 distributive?



      Currently I'm on QS 3.1 SR1 desktop (QSD 3.1.1)

      After migration to QSD 3.1.3  I've experienced several problems during tests, had to staty with QS 3.1 SR1.


      This release will expire 31.12.2016, after that I will not be able to do anything in QSD, unless I would find the 3.1 SR2 (which is valid till 30.06.2017, by which time Qlik would issue the more stable service release or major version).


      This is very unpleasant situation, that I can't find distro for current releases... and latest release has some issues, and I can't use it at all.