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    Average to Percentage

      Hi Everybody,


      My average is 356 but i want to convert into percentage in gauge chart. Is it possible...


      Thanks in advance

        • Average to Percentage

          Open Properties -> Numbers -> Select one of the they and check "Show in Percent" option. Remember to change the gauge settings (min and max value) in the Presentation tab too.

            • Average to Percentage

              Thanks khim_hoe

              But my issue is not that. I wants to take that average into percentage in expression part. If I follow yours method its fine but that needle in speedometer doesnt move.


              So, I must give it in Expression part only.


              And my present expression is


              Thanks & Regards



                • Average to Percentage

                  To get a percentage, you must have a formula to calculate it. Definition of percentage:-

                  a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)

                  So, the percentage of you average amount could be something like this:-

                  avg(DateOfMaturity) / <Total Days>

                  Of course the other way is to set the Min/Max value if you don't have any method of calculating the percentage. In your case, you can set the min value as 0 while max could be 1000. So, the needle of the speedometer will be around 35.6%.