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    Bar chart with Aggr expression

    David Robinson

      Hello Everyone, am still new to Qlik Sense and have hit another roadblock.


      My query links into a previously answered question: Re: If statement to only show results where the total count exceeds 10


      My objective is to see a count of the number of users who have hit 10 or more quote submissions against a dimension of month and year in a bar chart.


      I attempted adding the month and year as the dimension and then the following Aggr expression: Sum(Aggr(If(Count({$<Quote_Submitted_Count ={1}, [Created xad] ={"1"}>} TransactionID) > 9, 1, 0), TransactionCreatedUserName))


      So the above expression is set as the measure and then the months are being used as the dimension.


      The chart does not function correctly because most of the entries currently reflect in January and then get lower throughout the year, when in reality the number of users who have submitted 10 or more entries per month has actually increased.


      How do I get the bar chart to reflect the total number of users that have hit a total of 10 submitted quotes over the specified dimension?


      Hope I have been clear enough, thank you in advance for your help.