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    Partial Sums in pivot table

      Dear All,

      I have two problems with the partial sums in a pivot table i am working on.

      Firstly, in my pivot table, i'm using a grand total and 3 sub totals, however i only really need one sub total. Is there any way where i could hide or only calculate one sub total?

      Secondly, when i make a selection in a listbox, the pivot table retracts and shows me the correct data relating to my selection in the list however, it changes the total to show only that of my selection. for example; i have 4 produts totalling 800, 200 each, so when i make the selection, the total will show me 200 instead of 800. How can this be solved?

      I pull the data from a server, so i cannot use any macros or load script.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      Best Wishes and Regards,