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    Applying two filters with a single request

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,

      I've got a Pivot Table and I use two different filters on it. Assume that the table contains the columns Age, Work, Hobbies, Name, Surname and I currently use two filters on it: first I select the name of a person and then I select his surname (imagine I've got 100 values in the table, selecting the name I get 20 values and then selecting the surname I get 1 value). I use two different filters to do it, but I'd like to create one single filter that I can use to select Name and Surname once and so I would have for each Name value the possible Surname values (like a left join). I tried to add a section in the load script, but I can't figure out how to get what I'd like to have, something like [NAME]&' '&[SURNAME]. The problem is that name and surname are in two different tables and I have in table A [nameID, surnameID], in table B [nameID, name] and in table C [surnameID, surname], so I think I should join the values.ù


      Thanks again!!