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    Generating Reports.

    Carlos Silva

      I have a question with my report.


      I'm generating 3 objects with the same filters.


      1.- Text object

      2.- KPI

      3.- Bar Chart


      When I execute the task, the report is generating the 3 objects but my 2nd object doesn't show data. This object on the Qlik Sense app doesn't show data if there is no filter, so the object says me "Select a product".

      After this, I've tried to generate the same report, but now the 3rd object doesn't show data.


      On Qlik Sense, this objects takes a moment to show the information because the measure script is kinda big. This affects when the task is generating the report? Or this problem it's because another reason?


      I hope that you can understand, english isn't my native language


      Thanks in advance



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          Wouter Mak



          I had a similar issue. Your object in NPrinting doesn't show data if you have a filter on a object. A filter like, you may only select one product.

          Nprinting doesn’t know which product it has to show. It will work if you have only one product in your data set.