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    Autogenerate rows from start date to end date

    Emmanuel Damiano

      Hello community,


      I'm wondering if there is an existing specific function to do what I want to do:


      I have in my database x rows of data with a start date and an end date.


      I want as output to have 1 row per month between the start and the end date, and that for each row of input.


      Ex : if row 1 has : start date = 2016/01/12 and end date = 2016/03/21, then I want to have one row for january, one row for february, one row for march. And this functionning for each input row.


      All I can think of is using FOR...NEXT or FOR EACH, but this seems to take too long.




      I will explain the context in case there is some other way of doing it