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    Interval on set analysis

    ben lim

      Hi guys,


      I have a set analysis with this expression


      sum({<Region = {'Asia'}>}Amount)


      I have an interval involved


      Interval(Date1-Date2,'mm') < 121


      Basically I need to calculate where the sum of amount for asia only where the difference between the two timestamp are < 121 mins


      I def. need to do it all in one expression. cant do it in dimension, is there any way that i can do it.



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          Shraddha Gajare

          Calculate interval in script to create a field and then use that field in set analysis.


          sum({<Region = {'Asia'},IntervalField = {"<121"}>}Amount)

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            Anil Babu

            You may try this, I hope you may have separate field for Interval in script


            Then, you can use this


            Load Region, Date1, Date2, Interval(Date1-Date,'mm') as DateDiff, Amount;

            Load Region, Date1, Date2, Amount from DataSource;


            sum({<Region = {'Asia'}, DateDiff = {"$(=Hour(DateDiff) < 121/(24*60))"}>} Amount)

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              Marcus Sommer

              You could try:


              sum({<Region = {'Asia'}, Amount = {"=Interval(Date1-Date2,'mm')<121"} >} Amount)


              if(Interval(Date1-Date2,'mm') < 121, sum({<Region = {'Asia'}>}Amount))


              whereby it might be useful to do calculation-step within the script like suggested within the other answers.


              - Marcus

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                Sunny Talwar

                May be this:


                Sum({<Region = {'Asia'}>} If(Date1-Date2 < MakeTime(2, 1), Amount))



                Create Date1-Date2 in script and then like this:


                Date1-Date2 as IntervalField

                Sum({<Region = {'Asia'}, IntervalField = {$(=121/(24*60))}>} Amount)