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    How to begin

      Qlik sense desktop


      I want to create a line chart that shows how many my tickets where open at the end of each month.


      For x dimension i wanted to be time. At the moment I have a master calendar with the field month and year that i´m using on other graphs.


      The data that I have is something like this:





      that goes from Jan_2014 to Dez_2016, but it to continue. Change_time is when the ticket was closed.


      Also through id i want to connect to other tables where i have information on who is the client and so on.


      So is there any need to rearange the data? How to i make the graph?

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be look into IntervalMatch to connect your table to a master calendar. Once you have this setup, you can easily use Month from your master calendar as your dimension.

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            Shubham Singh

            Assuming that you have all the dates from minimim of create date to maximum of change date in field DateNum.


            Use below code.





            num(create_time) & '|' & num(change_time) as KeyFromToDate

            FROM file.qvd;




            LOAD Distinct

            num(create_time) as Start,

            num(change_time) as End

            Resident Tickets;



            LOAD Distinct

            Start & '|' & End as KeyFromToDate,


            Resident TempIntervalMatch;


            Drop Table TempIntervalMatch;


            This will create a intermediate table between Tickets & Master Calendar so that you will have id corresponding to every date between start date & change date.