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    Comparing minute of day with multiple variables

    Andrew Moberg



      I am trying to build load statements that would compare surgical block times to actual times to determine operating room utilization.  I have tried using interval match but it doesn't seem to get me the results I expected.


      I have one load statement that creates a table which contains the following elements:

      - service line

      - start date

      - end date

      - start time

      - end time

      - campus

      - day of week

      - week number

      - room


      In order for a case to be considered in block the case start and stop times must meet all the above criteria. For example:

      Service Line Orthopedics has block on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Main OR between 0700-1500 in 2 different rooms.

      Case A is an orthopedics case which occurred on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Main OR with a start time of 1200 and end time of 1600.  This particular case would be considered in-block between 1200 and 1500 and then 1500-1600 would be considered out of block. I would also need to account for the number of rooms going at the same time to account for overbooking (if orthopedics had 3 cases going at 1200, 2 would be in-block and the third would be overbook)


      What would be the best method for tackling this request?


      Thanks in advance