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    QV 10 Personal Edition "failed to open document"



      testing the product (QV 10 Personal Edition v. 10.00.87 15.15 IR Italian on WinXP SP3) for possible business implementation we have a trouble; i describe the process (every step is done on the same client):

      1)Create a New project and save as D:\Qlik View\prova2.qvw

      2)Implementing business logic

      3)Save project and exit

      4)Restart the pc

      5)Open D:\Qlik View\prova2.qvw

      6) Get the error (localtized in italian): "Fail loading document D:\Qlik View\prova2.qvw" and then after press OK "Failed to open document"


      What can i do? I would like to restore this project and be sure that future project will not be losed....

      I tried to look for a log or a track in event viewer but i found nothing .


      P.S. I'm able to work with others demo projects