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    QDF Governance Dashbard Configuration Fails

    Teresa Anderson

      I am trying to install Governance Dashboard 2.0.2 in our QDF environment for the first time.


      On the Configuration tab I have put the following location for the qvs script to define the configuration.  When I reload it gets to the following point and fails.  Anyone else have a solution to this? 




      2016-12-20 15:27:38:                         '### DF Starting LoadVariableCSV'



      2016-12-20 15:27:39:                     '### DF Ending LoadVariableCSV'



      2016-12-20 15:27:39:               '### DF 3.SystemVariables.qvs Finished'



      2016-12-20 15:27:39:           Blank Profile Path detected. Will store output data in same folder as the Governance Dashboard.qvw.



      2016-12-20 15:27:39:                     Invalid Configuration

      2016-12-20 15:27:39:                     File directory does not exist, cannot be reached, or is empty.

      2016-12-20 15:27:39:                     Please validate path: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents

      2016-12-20 15:27:39:                     NOTE: If you are referencing a UNC share, you must point to a subfolder within the UNC root and not directly to the root folder.



      2016-12-20 15:27:40:      Execution finished.