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    Ms Access

      hello guys,

      I am new to qlikview, and iam trying to learn qlikview. i have a database in ms Acces, i have uploaded the tables using the sql. qlick is automaticaly connecting the tables and because of this some of the values are dulipcated. i am using the personal edition so i cant use other examples. i want to remove synthetic keys and add myown joins (left join)

      can you please provide me a solution and also some examples, not .qvw file, the script for ms access loading.


        • Ms Access

          The simplest way is in your load use "field AS new_fieldname" to differentiate between versions of fields you do not want QlikView to join.

          This associative linking by field name is the way the product works and has a lot of power once you get used to it.

          • Ms Access

            You could also use Qualify as part of 'your' load script which will result in something you will be used to as a database user ie TableName.FieldName & by using * you get around having to rename all the fields being loaded. For example,

            QUALIFY *;

            This will result in fields being loaded as 'Table1.Field1' etc . If & when you want to stop this behaviour you need to employ Unqualify followed by the last table name eg UNQUALIFY Table1;