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    default start value

      Is it possible to set a default start value? Let's say that I want current year and month selected when I open the qv file.

      QV 10 Personal Edition (for now).

        • default start value
          Rob Wunderlich

          The simplest way is to use make dynamic search selections like:


          and save the document in that state. However, most of us mess this up by saving the document in a cleared state. You can save your selections in a bookmark and remember to apply the bookmark before saving, However, I usually mess that one up also.

          See this blog post

          for an explanation and examples of setting initial selections on open. My current favored method is to save intitial selection state in a bookmark and apply the bookmark in an OnOpen action. Strictly speaking, OnOpen is documented as being unsupported in the server environment. However, I have yet to encounter a problem using to apply a bookmark.