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    mahesh babu

      Hi All


      I had a [Main Table] in QVW using the Binary load


      I had two variables like vstart and vEnd  which are created in the Variable overview  i want to used this variable in script level


      return expression in my script was like this does it works  and if i change the date of this variable values  using calendar object does not works with out reloading the app please advice





      Load Name,





        Sum(HOURS) as total hours

             Resident [Main Table]

      where ('$(vStart)')<=Date>=('$(vEnd)')

           Group by Name ;

      Drop  table [Main Table];

      does it works  please advice

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          Avinash R

          syntax is wrong

          where Date>='$(vStart)' and Date<=('$(vEnd)')



          have you set the variables

          vStart and vEnd ?

          if you changing the variable in the front end and the to reduce the data you have reload !!!


          to filter the data add a condition in the set analysis or the expression as below

          if(Date>=vStart  and Date<=vEnd, sum())