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    Newbie failed to open document - Personal Edition license issue

    Marius Lenksas


      I have some troubles opening my document with Personal Edition, Version 10.00.8715.5 IR


      I am using stand alone laptop at home. Downloaded Qv, created new document, connected to my mysql server running on the same laptop, tested some features, saved document and closed qv. Next day tried to do some more work with the same document found an error:

      "This QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition User.....

      Do you want to continue and recover the file?"

      At first I thought that file was broken or something, but when I did recovery It opened the same file and it was ok. Closed that file. Opened new one. Saved with a different name. Closed Qlikview. Opened Qlikview. Now I am getting error on both files (or others I tried later)

      I am only user using pc, and there is no other user account on it (I am using Administrator account)


      can somebody explain me what can be wrong and than what is the way to resolve this situation?


      On the error screen there is a warning that says 'However, if you recover the file, you will no longer be able to open files created with your current user key.' Can somebody give more detailed explanation about this.

      Thank you in advance