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    Issue with security rules and create option for published app

    Christophe Decluseau

      Hi all !


      I work with Qlik Sense 3.0.0 :

      I modified the Security rules CreateAppObjectsPublishedApp with the idea to disable the possibility of creating new sheet for users.


      It works fine and option disapear from the main sheet (Yellow underline).


      It's better than I'm thinking because the Editing button also disappear into a sheet.


      So great, It's what I want.


      But I recently upgrade into Qlik Sense 3.1 SR3. The security rules are the same, but options are back :


      But ! When I create a new sheet, it's seems that I can work on it but after some times, the new sheet disapear !


      It's like Qlik Sense react late that there's a security rule against this action.


      Question :

      It's me or there's a real issue ?


      Thanks for your help and your answer !