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    H2 put a line in a color if a condition exists in a list



      I'm new to Qlik


      I try to setup a Qlik application to display path between components of a IS system.

      I have a fact table with every link between my components + information on the link : is it synchronous or asynchronous ? etc..


      Something like :

      ComponentCaller ServiceCaller     ComponentCalled  ServiceCalled   TypeOfCall   etc....


      I'd like to display a summary page to sum up which component calls which globaly and wether there is at least one synchronous call between the two. :

           component A calls ComponentB. (whatever the services called, etc...)

           and put ComponentB in 'red' if it is a synchronous call.


      The problem is that in my Fact table I have many lines with ComponentA calling ComponentB.

      And I don't know how to tell QLik to use red if at least one has a 'synchronous' value in 'TypeOfCall'. It seems QLik uses the first value that it found on the Fact Table that matches A & B. So if the first call registered is asynchronous, it doesn't put the link between A & B in red...


      There is no 'exists' function on the color expression... I tried if (exists(TypeOfCall, 'synchronous') but it is not reckognized.


      Thanks for any insight on how to solve that