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    Changing Web server port from 4750

    andy whitfield

      Morning folks,


      Can anyone confirm if it's possible change the Qlik Webserver port from 4750 to something else and how and where this is done?


      Thanks in advance



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Try changing the <add key="WebservicePort" value="4750"/> line in the QVWebServer.exe.config file (usually found in the folder C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\Web Server).

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            Chip Matejowsky

            Hi Andrew,

            I have run into this previously in a test environment/POC. Followed the below steps:


            1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\Web Server
            2. Backup the QVWebServer.exe.config
            3. Open the QVWebServer.exe.config in a Text editor and change the port value to the desired port as shown below in the value= area:.


            "<!-- The port the service listens to. -->
            <add key="WebservicePort" value="4750"/>"


            4. Save the file
            5. Restart the Web Server Service (QlikView Web Server) or the Settings Service (IIS web server)
            6. Go to the Qlikview Management Console navigate to the Web Server resource (Qlikview Management Console -> System-> Setup -> Qlikview Web Servers -> Click on the Edit button (pencil icon to the right))
            7. Change the default TCP port of 4750 to the port specified in Step 3 above (ex: http://<servername>:4750/QVWS/Service)
            8. Click Apply button
            9. Go to the Status -> Service in the Management Console to verify the QVWS resource is now online


            - Chip