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    Straight Table Filtering Problem

    Dermot McGoldrick

      I have a report that has been in place for a number of years ago for a helpdesk reporting on open and closed tickets, by user, query type etc, pretty standard stuff.  Data comes in via a link to an SQL DB.  Until yesterday everything worked flawlessly.


      Yesterday I added in some additional functionality by adding in a Sitename and Function for every user with tickets on the system.  New fields have been added in using a simple excel table stored on the server, note I did have the new data in a Mapping Table but thought this might be causing the issue so changed to an excel file.  Linked field is the AssignedTo field.


      Everything updated fine however I now find the report laggy to use, and also am unable to filter within any of the straight tables that utilise the new added in fields "Site" and "Function".  I can filter using list boxes but not by clicking on the straight table.


      I tend to set out reports so there is a natural progression from left to right, Site --> Function --> User and then below a table of open tickets.  Have tried and retried all morning but cant figure out what has caused this annoying bug!


      Wondering if something in IE or Windows has changed that might cause this bug but not seeing anything?

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          Adam Davies

          sounds like the data model has gone weird or something?

          How have you linked the new data? is it in a new table which is then linked on AssignedTo ?


          If so then maybe try a left join on the fact table and see if that helps?




          load AssignedTo, blah blah blah;


          left join (fact)


          load AssignedTo, Site, Function

          from xyz.xls;