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    NPrinting generating times

    Carlos Silva

      Hi community.


      I need to know how much NPrinting takes to insert an object on the report when the Task is working.


      We have a Qlik Sense app with charts that takes time to calculate the formula on it. This affects on NPrinting when takes the object with the filters?


      I have 38 different Task with a predeterminate filter. My report have 3 objects and some reports (randomly) are generating 2 of 3 objects and the third doesn't show data. This is really weird because the other 2 objects are affected by the filter that I set.


      Anyone knows what's happening?


      I hope that you can understand my problem.


      Thanks in advance



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          Carlos Silva

          Any suggestions about this? I need to fix this problem ASAP.


          Thanks in advance.



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            Jacob Hoffmann-Petersen

            Hi Carlos,


            It could be the filter you apply. What happens when you manually apply the same filter in the Sense app? Does object no. 3 return data? If the filter excludes all data, the object will be empty, and your output the same. Perhaps there are some Set Analysis in the object?


            That's my five cents.


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                Carlos Silva

                Hi Jacob,


                I have applied filters in the Sense app, and I can see the 3 objects with data. Thats because this is a little weird. We have a theory, because the objects have a big formula to calculate data, with set analysis. This takes a little to show data on my charts.


                This could be the reason?


                Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it!



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                    Zhihong He

                    Hi, Carlas,


                    Normally, the  calculation time based on the filter should not effect the output. But it takes time to apply the filter and run the report in nprinitng.

                    May I know whether the same filter used for all of your 3 objects, and the first 2 works, the last one dose not work?

                    Because for the nprinitng 16, each object in nprinitng template can have different filters. Just confirm about this.

                    And is your filter only have one field or multiple fields? If you have multiple, you can test the filter with one field by one field, to see whether it works. And sometimes, the order of the field in the filter matters and can effect the result.


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                        Carlos Silva

                        My report has 2 filters: 'Month Today' and 'Year Today'.


                        I have 38 task with a specific store filter that I set to specific users. This filter is 'Store'.


                        On my report I have this structure:




                        [Object 1]

                        [Object 2]

                        [Object 3]



                        So the task will show me the products from the Store that I set.


                        This objects does not generate data if they are no filters and show the message "Select a Product".


                        The result: Some reports shows me Object 1, Object 2 with data but Object 3 says "Select a Product".


                        Thanks for your help



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                            Zhihong He

                            Hi,  Carlos,


                            Are the other 2 object always have the correct data? Correct I mean, when they have data, then they have data, when they should be empty, then they are empty (as you mentioned some reports show Object 1 and Object 2). And whether all the data is correct as you want?


                            Can you first to test by only using "store" filter but not others? And if the report is too big, you can add a product name to narrow down the data to test. There is something wrong with the filter for Object 3. I am think about it suggest "Select a product", what is the size of the report in Object 3? Is it a chart or a table?


                            By the way, I see you create 38 tasks, each task for a specific user, you can improve to use recipient(that is for different user) based filter, then only one task is needed, see link here.



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                                Carlos Silva

                                I will test your suggestion.


                                I've tried to do the recipients thing. But my problem is that:


                                - This 38 reports represent 38 stores.


                                For example for the "Store 2":


                                - My email need to attach the report with the name "Report Store 2.pdf" and send to 3 users: Admin1, StoreMail2, Boss.

                                - "StoreMail2" and "Boss" are uniques for this Store.

                                - "Admin" has many Stores (Store1, Store2, Store3), so I cant create with recipients this user, because if I set the filters on this user, the report will send me the information of this 3 Stores in 1 report. I need to send 3 reports in 3 differents emails with a unique PDF name ( Report Store 1.pdf, Report Store 2.pdf, Report Store 3.pdf). That's because I think I can't do this with recipients.



                                Thanks in advance

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                                    Zhihong He

                                    Hi, Carlos,


                                    If I understand you correctly, for your example case, you do not need to create report for "Admin" specificly, you can do as following:

                                    - Creat the recipient as "Store 2"

                                    - Add users emails : Admin1, StoreMail2, Boss, as the recipient email of name "Store 2". And for recipient "Store 1", "Store 2" and "Store 3", you need add the "Admin1" in the recipient. Then "Admin1" can get seperated report. One thing by using this method, all the users in one recipient can see all the emails addresses that recieve the report.

                                    - Add filter "Store 2" for the report

                                    - Create a group recipient, add all your recipients above to the group recipient.

                                    - Use the group recipient in the task.

                                    - Use the "recipient name" as name for the pdf report.

                                    And if the recipient and filter can be maintained by the dash, you can even import this from the dash, that can save you much more time if you have a lot recipients to be created.

                                    Sorry, our discussion is not about your original question, let us focus on your original question.

                                    Pls update about your test about my previous suggestion. Then let us see what to test for a next step.