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    App closing from clients browsers

    Jorge Rampinini


      We are running qliksense server 3.1

      From the server, apps run just fine, but from clients we get the message "App has closed. Please reolad app if you wish to continue working". I translated the message myself, our system is in Spanish. The original message is "La app se ha cerrado. Por favor recargue la app si desea seguir trabajando".

      As far as I can tell there are no network issues (no network related messages in client or server event viewer, and no packet lost during a extended ping test). I also disabled windows firewall both on client and server.

      Server is running in an Hyper-V 2012R2 virtual machine. Other VMs in the same host are doing fine, no network issues.

      At chrome developer console I get errors like:

      TypeError: a.onViewModeChanged is not a function


      TypeError: Cannot read property 'Invalidated' of undefined


      Have anyone here seen this behaviour?



      Jorge R.

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          Stephen Egerton

          We get "an error error occurred. The app has been closed. To continue working, please refresh the app." This has been happening since our initial Qlik Sense install which was v2.2.4 . We're now running v3.1.1 and still getting the same error. Only happens in Chrome after 5 minutes with no interaction. IE 11 is fine. Qlik support says they can't reproduce but when I search js forums I find that it's common problem with other apps and there are known js fixes.


          Error looks like this:


          Qlik Sense Chrome JS Timeout.JPG