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    Qlik Sence - Restrict view by user role?

    Chris Scott

      How can I effectively structure an application to provide different views for different users?



      Say that I have an application that shows sales data by sales person.  Sales people are grouped into regions, which are overseen by regional managers, who are in turn managed by national sales executives.


      I'd like to have an application that lets individual sales people see their data, and how it compares to the average performance for their region.


      Regional managers would be able to see the individual statistics for their region, but only aggregate information for other regions.


      Sales executives would be able to see everything.


      The idea is that we want individuals to see how they--and their direct reports--compare to their peers without disclosing potentially sensitive information to everybody.


      Any suggestions for how to structure such an application?


      Possible implementation


      My first stab at this would be to have an application with three sheets, an individual sheet, a regional sheet and a national sheet.


      Then I would somehow lock selected criteria based on the user.  For individuals, we lock Region and Name, for managers we lock region, and for executives we don't lock any criteria.


      Is there a straight-forward approach to implementing this using out of the box functionality or perhaps the single integration?  Can we lock criteria but still allow users to select and clear other criteria?


      Or does this sound like a use-case for a custom mashup?