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    user access control appears to fail



      I am trying to set up a fine grained access control system for a QlikView application, using QV 8.5.

      Here is a stripped down prototype (see attachment). It has two dimensions, Product and Channel, and one measure, Turnover. Access is based on ACLs that can be assigned to individual users.

      In the example

      • user becker is supposed to be the app admin, with access to everything (ACL=BACKSTAGE)
      • user x is supposed to see all products for channel 1, and additionally all channels for product 1 (ACL=ACLx)
      • user z is supposed to see only the combination (product 2, channel 2) (ACL=ACLz)

      Without access control, placing a selection on any one of the ACL items works exactly as expected.

      When I open the application with access control enabled:

      • User becker can log in and can edit the script, but cannot view any numbers
      • Users x and z cannot even log in!

      To reproduce the failure, open the application and uncomment the "SECTION application" directive in the Users tab in the script (tab 2), then re-run the script.