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    Setting of indicators

      Hi dear forum!

      i have really really problems to set indicators for my montly data files. so i hope someone could help me on cause i try hopeless on and on.
      i will shortly describe my problem

      1) I get monthly excel files in form of project data. i must realize a project-controlling on this data. so i have to watchchanges in the data value
      for example my accounting(plan) for a project should be 100.000 until the project end in "june". let´s assume that the actual month is "march"
      and the actual accounting value for this project is already 110.000. so i have a divergence between plan and actual values for a project.

      2) i must set indicators for an effective monitoring. for example when i add my monthly new data files per excel into the lastest database,
      then my indicators must show me if there are some projects not in plan.
      for example an indicator could show me the difference between accounting (plan) and accounting( actual) >= 1000 Euro for a project
      then this project is not like plan and must shown in a red colour or something like this

      I hope i could describe you my problem and i hope anyone could help me on