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    Map View Measure- Display negative points in red.(Qlik Sense Desktop)

    Enrique Ortiz

      Qlik Sense Desktop




      I'm having trouble in Map View and specifically with measures.


      My map currently shows a measure and the formulas is this Sum(TotalSales)-Sum(BudgetPlan).


      There are several points in my map that have negative values because of this formula and they are correct since some of our sales will be under BudgetPlan.


      I want the map to display anything under -.0001 as yellow/red.  Essentially I want the Color scheme - Diverging classes to show the negative values in the yellow/red range and anything positive in the light blue/ dark blue color scheme.


      I tried using the Colors and Legend by using Expression and Measure but it's not working out correctly.  Some of my negative numbers are showing in the light blue/dark blue class which is not want I want to show.


      I know there is a Custom Range option but I don't know how to correctly use that or if it's the right tool for what I'm looking for.


      Thank you in advance for your help.