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    nPrinting Frustration

    Mark Ritter

      We are running 17.2.1


      I create a Word Template.  I open the Edit Template and can insert a QS table and then preview it.  For some reason it is totally ignoring the filter that I created.  That is one problem.


      I close the editor.  I don't make any changes to anything in nPrinting or in QS.  When I try to preview the template I get the attached error.


      If I then go to the table object and right click and chose update I get a message that 4 new columns has been imported/4 columns has been deleted.  Please verify the template.  Again, nothing has changed.  There is no reason for this message as far as I know.


      I click on Ok. 


      I can then preview the template.  Although it is still ignoring my filter.  Also my table is now not displaying correctly like it did the first time.




      This is driving me absolutely crazy.

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          Avinash R

          Whats the size of your QV app ?? try to close the NPrinting  desktop completely and start building the template again due to memory problem and overwrite we face this issues

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              Mark Ritter

              We are actually trying this with Qlik Sense which has it whole set of issues just because it is new.


              I have tried to close everything.  I have stopped and started all of the nPrinting services.  I have deleted the report and started a brand new one several times. 


              I am at the end of my rope with this one.

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              Mark Ritter

              We do not have a partner.  I have submitted a ticket to Qlik.  Hopefully it will not be something they fix in June release.

              Thanks for your response.

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                Mark Ritter

                Unfortunately NP16 does not work with QS.  We are only running Qlik Sense here.

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                  Jacob Hoffmann-Petersen

                  Hi Mark,


                  NP 17 can be painfull

                  Have you considered to upgrade to version 17.2.2 ? Perhaps this can fix your problems. Very easy to upgrade.

                  Then it sounds like you should try to Reload Metadata in connection. If somebody altered the QVF you need to reload metadata on the connection. But I guess you already know that...

                  Then the error you report seems like your filter doesn't work. Will the preview return something, if you remove the filter? If it does, it's the filter which bugs you. A general error is to select "Value is" on numeric fields, despite the fact that you can actually select values and save the filter.


                  Merry Christmas


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                      Mark Ritter

                      We actually are on 17.2.2 already.  We had to get that build to fix another issue that we had with images not working in templates.


                      This has been quite a journey so far.


                      It turns out that the filter issues was me not knowing that I needed to choose Numeric Value Is as you suggested. 


                      In addition to that I was having all kinds of other issues.  But after uninstalling and reinstalling the editor, stopping and starting services, and deleting connections and building them again, it all seems to be working today. 


                      Fingers crossed that it will stay that way. 


                      Thanks for your response.  Merry Christmas to you also.

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                      Hardik Patel

                      Hi All,


                      I'm also having the same issue of columns being updated all the time I open Nprinting Designer. I'm also having Nprinting 17.2.2 only, but still having the same issue. I don't understand why specific columns get updated every time I open Report Template in NPrinting Designer without which I can't preview the report.


                      One more weird thing I observed for these columns, was, even after unchecking "Keep Source Formatting", it comes back after I reopen Nprinting Designer.


                      Hi rittermd, were you able to resolve this one ?


                      Thanks in advance.




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                          Erik Gustafsson

                          Hi there,


                          I managed to somewhat solve this one. You still might need to update the title names but at least if you have renamed them manually, they retain their short name. Building e.g. Word templates with a really long and complex expression as name is a mess.


                          The solution is to use master items instead. Use the object title or similar to distinguish them within your master library in Qlik Sense. Much easier to use.