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    Field Merge causes Expression calculation error

    Joe Kirwan

      I'm a Qlikview newbie with no SQL knowledge trying to make my way in Qlikview with the help of the community postings.

      Can anyone help me with this?

      I'm trying to get around the accumulation restriction on a straight table with more than one dimension.

      So I merged the 2 dimension fields ( NAME and HOorACC) into a single field CODE_NAME.


      NAME&'_'&HOorACC as CODE_NAME resident CUSTS1


      (I don't quite get this - I copied a community posting!)

      Sure enough, the CODE_NAME field is available in the available fields for selecting the dimensions for my table.

      When I remove the NAME and HOorACC dimensions and select the CODE_NAME dimension, the CODE-NAME dimension seems to display correctly in the left columns of my table.

      BUT, the expression total shows the same total, being the grand total for the expression, for each CODE_NAME.

      I have pivot tables as well, same problem. The Grand Total of the expression shows in each CODE_NAME line. Also, I have a month dimension across the top, and the Grand Total for each month shows in each CODE_NAME line.

      The Name and HOorACC dimensions derive from the following:

      1. HOorACC loads from NL.csv, result of an "if" calculation on 2 other fields;

      2. HOorACC and NAME also load from CUSTS1.csv "where exists" fields in CUSTS1 in NL

      3. I have an additional HOorACC and NAME load from an excel file, containing additional records not in CUSTS1

      4. Finally, load statement as above

      Any ideas?


        • Field Merge causes Expression calculation error
          Joe Kirwan

          I sorted this out myself - here's how for the benefit of future users:

          As I mentioned in the thread, I had used a separate LOAD statement to merge the fields. In fact, this created an unconnected table (a "data island"?). I think this was causing my problem

          So instead, I did separate merges in steps 2 and 3.I no longer have the unconnected table, and my pivot and straight tables work fine.