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    Club values in Filter Pane and Applymap



      I am a new QlikSense user. I am encountering a small challenge to club data in the filter pane and applying mapping so the dashboard should work when the user select clubbed data.


      I have a filter pane with company names as dimension, so I want to club together values of similar together


      For instance following company names are there.

      XYZ Supply Co Atlanta

      XYZ Supply Co Lawrenceville

      XYZ Supply Co Hartford

      XYZ Supply Co Philadelphia

      ABC Distribution Co Atlanta

      ABC Distribution Co Lawrenceville

      ABC Distribution Co Hartford

      ABC Distribution Co Philadelphia


      What this means is they are effectively same account but are from different offices across the USA. An ideal solution is to club together similar names in "XYZ Supply Co" and "ABC Distribution Co" etc. But when a user interact in the filter pane I want dashboard to consider all those aggregated values. Eg: when the user select "XYZ Supply Co" the value should aggregate all of the location and club it together in the dashboard.


      Any idea how to do this?