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      is there anything possible in QV like other reporting tool to have ranked data.

      let say if i want ot have top 5 or bottom 5 revenue based on a particular dimension, how do I achieve in QV 10?



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          Yes, U can

          we have Rank Function which accepts parameters try to use the function

          if u want further help , let me know i will send a sample application.



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            Rakesh Boorgu

            Yes you can achieve that using a condition on the dimension.

            =if(aggr(rank(<expression>), <dimension>) <= 5, <dimension>, 'Others')

            You can use the above format to show the top 5 values in the chart and the rest bucketed as others, if you do not want to show Others, just do not enter the else condition as 'Others' (also, you will have to supress nulls on this calculated dimension.

            Let me know if you have any questions.

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                Thanks All.

                I got the idea but stil not able to show the proper results.

                Requiremetns -

                - need to show ranked measure on line chart -- where I need year on X , USD on Y and other dimension on which my rank should be based on third one.

                - with the current expression my ranked thing is there on Y but the requirement is revenue should appear for top 5 only, I have used below expression - (aggr(rank(Sum ([USD])),[Vendor]) <= 5)

                also with this i dont know result is quite weird with ranking ref. points as -1 and all the things pointing to that only.

                Please assist, let me know any further clarifications needed.


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                Joe Kirwan


                Have you checked out the Executive Dashboard available as a Qlikdemo here:


                If you go into the 80:20 table on the Sales Analyis sheet, it will show you how to order the Customers by Sales value ie Dimension by expression.

                To only show top 5, go to Presentation tab in Properties, and for your dimension, change the Max Number to 5on the RHS - it will limit the display to the first 5.

                For lowest, just change the sort order to ascending.

                Hope this helps.