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    Active Directory Setup Problem

    Dinesh Thoniparambil

      I am getting an error message "The specified forest does not exist or cannot be contacted." The path i gave is "LDAP://server.company.local". The event log gives me the below message:



      (DSC.DirectoryFramework) setup path not successful for user 'DOMAIN\user.name' at 'LDAP://server.company.local': System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryObjectNotFoundException: The specified forest does not exist or cannot be contacted.

      at System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Forest.GetForest(DirectoryContext context)

      at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.GetDomainFromCache(String fullDomainPath, String uid, String pwd, ADLogger logger)

      at ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryProvider.SetupPath(String _path, String _username, String _password)

      at DSC.DirectoryFramework.SetupResource(String id, String type, String path, String username, String password, Boolean enabled, IDictionary`2 newSettings)

      For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


      Where am I going wrong?




        • Active Directory Setup Problem

          I have the same problem - > Has anybody a solution for this?

            • Active Directory Setup Problem

              Two things:


              • why not LDAP://server.company.com instead of 'LDAP://server.company.local' ?
              • Does service account running qlikView ( 'DOMAIN\user.name') have sufficient access rights to correct directory path ?


                • Active Directory Setup Problem

                  Hey Alexandru,

                  good idea, i checked both and the setting are ok. Now i found the problem:
                  In Qlikview 10 there are two possibilities to insert settings for active directory.

                  System -> Setup -> Management Service -> Directory Service Connectors -> DSC@localhost
                  1. Active Directory
                  2. Configurable LDAP

                  I my case the server only works correct, when inserting LDAP://xxx.local (Key sensitive!) into Configurable LDAP. User is empty (for reading from active directory i don´t needed to fill out user information).

                  After this i was able to find users, but Qlikview always wrote: DSP1/user -> To change this klick on the small pencil next to the user information in Configurable LDAP. There you can change these settings.

                  Now everything works!

                    • Re: Active Directory Setup Problem
                      Rikab Kothari


                      The QVW which tries to load the data from LDAP loads only the partial data frequently. We are unable to find the root cause of the issue as the QVW doesn't fails but it loads only the partial data.Can someone please help us to identify the root cause of the issue. It has been happening from quite a long time but we didn't succeed in finding the root cause of the issue. Hope someone can help us for the same.