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    Sum column using an aggr if function

    David Robinson

      I have a working aggr if expression kindly created by SunnyT on here last week, I need this formula to now have an additional steps and cannot seem to get it to work: Sum(Aggr(If(Count({$<Quote_Submitted_Count ={1}, [Created xad] ={"1"}>} TransactionID) > 9, 1, 0), [Broker Name]))


      The above expression identifies the number of quotes created by user and if the total number exceeds 10 then their submissions are counted within a simple KPI.


      What I now need is the following:


      Show the amount of sales in financial terms for those users. So the two new markers would be Quote_Secured_Count and then it would need to sum the money which is held under GWP.


      The logic must only sum the GWP where Quote_Secured_Count = 1 for the users where the Quote_Submitted_Count exceeded 10.