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    Problems with the Gauge chart


      I am developing an application for a study case in the university where I have to provide useful info to a Sales Manager. I am trying to use a Gauge chart to easily check which salespersons are doing it well and which are not. I have divided the chart in two sections (red and green) and I want to see if a salesperson is selling or not more than the average so I put no dimensions and Sum(Sales) as the expression.

      The problem is that I don't know how to put the Average(Sales) of the whole company as the limit separating segment 1 from segment 2. I have tried to set the Max value as Avg(Sales)*2 so that the average value is the limit, but when I select a salesperson the value of the limit changes so that I can not get the info I want.

      How can I make the limit or the metrics of the chart independent from the current selection? I mean, if the average sales per salesperson in the company is 50 to make this the limit so that it does not change depending on the selection made. This way if a salesperson's sales are 55 the needle should be in the green segment and if the sales are lower than 50 in the red segment.

      Hope you can help me because I am sure it must be really easy but I am going crazy with this chart. Thank you.